Bill Montero | Disc Replacement

Dr. Masson is one of the most intelligent and best physicians and surgeons I have ever seen!! He is complete, down to earth, and we discussed my case, both pre-operatively and post-operatively in great detail.

Gary Hutson | Disc Replacement

I cannot speak enough for Dr Robert Masson and his staff, he did my neck in 2013 and did a full construction on my back L2 to S1 in 2018. I am currently doing amazing.

R.T. Raffel | Disc Replacement

I saw the Dr. for possible surgery on my lower back. He and his PA spent time with me explaining my options and their opinions. In the end, Dr. Masson opted against surgery (he stated it might do more harm than good), and set me up with a PT next door.

Tom | Disc Replacement

Dr. K is an incredibly skilled surgeon. He looked at all my images and made the best decision for me. I got the best, cutting-edge technology and equipment. 

Frank Peralta | Disc Replacement

Dr. Masson operated and fused my lower back L5-S1. I was unable to do anything without being in horrible pain. Now I can tolerate walking.

Lisa | Spinal Fusion

Dr. K is amazing. I love that he does 3D imaging. I did not have any narcotics at all. Anyone needing back fusion should go here. They tailor fit the plates and screws. Knowing everyone is difference and he is the only doctor to do this kind of surgery.

Beth | Disc Replacement

He gave me the information I needed. He is all about what’s best for the patient. Didn’t push surgery because he didn’t feel it was best for me. 

Adam | Disc Replacement / Lumbar Fusion

Dr. K and his staff are incredible. Dr. K will take all the time you need to explain the procedure and answer your questions. Dr. K is an incredible surgeon with an incredible bedside manner.

Sal G | Fusion Surgey

I had two surgeries a spinal fusion and a synthetic disc replacement. Masson is a top minimum invasive surgeon who has performed thousands of cervical and spine surgeries successfully. The best of everything is here.

William Jay Robbins, MD, FACP, AAHIVS

As a physician, I am extremely critical of other physicians. I went to another excellent Neurosurgeon who left practice, but he recommended Dr. Masson. He performed surgery on me. His brilliance, intelligence, grasp of Medicine and Surgery, and honesty all impressed me.

Annmarie Esan | Disc Replacement

The practice as a whole shows genuine concern for your well being. They understood my need for mobility due to my job. They are knowledgeable and thorough

Matthew | Disc Replacement

Dr. K showed professionalism and expertise in his recommending a more conservative course of treatment instead of suggesting surgery, which is the more lucrative option for him and his clinic. This shows integrity, which I sincerely appreciate.

James B. Heron | Disc Replacement

Dr. Masson and staff have given my quality of life back after two major surgeries. I'll forever be Grateful and Thankful.

James | Disc Replacement

Dr. K is amazing and I noticed immediately how my neck no longer cracks, pops, or grinds. I’m ecstatic! Do you have a neck problem?

Carol Jackson | Reconstructive Surgery

Dr Masson performed 3 reconstructive surgeries after a staph infection from the first surgery by another physician in March, 2016 which partially destroyed L3-L5. I survived the infection. I'm dearly grateful for care i received from Dr Masson and the staff.

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